The ESOL Department (English Speakers of other languages) would like to welcome you and your family to Westminster Christian School.

We will continue to support your child in their acquisition of the English language and understanding of New Zealand culture.

Your child’s English attainment and well-being is important to us. In conjunction with mainstream teaching, ESOL will endeavour to provide a programme suitable for your child should they require it. We look forward to working in partnership with you.

We provide:

  • Each student with a full assessment to ascertain their level of English proficiency upon entry.
  • A programme that meets student’s individual needs with constant monitoring as to their progress.
  • Teaching will cover all education strands in areas of oral, listening, reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary extension. An emphasis upon comprehension, attainment and skills will be a priority.
  • Personal confidence building and development.
  • Liaise with mainstream teachers and class.
  • Tuition on a one to one or small group basis – no more than 5 students in a group.
  • We encourage student’s first language development as it is beneficial for second and other language attainment.
  • Open communication with parents and guardians.
  • Information and help to access English language courses for parents who may require them.
  • A fortnightly free conversational group for parents and their friends, held in Room 5 between 12.40 – 1.25pm. We look forward to your company.
  • Twice yearly, home stay visits as required by Ministry of Education for all International students.

For an explanation of your child’s report or learning progress, please refer to http://esolonline.tki.org.nz/ESOL-Online/Student-needs/English-Language-Learning-Progressions