From The Principal

From The Principal

pic_principalThis is a great opportunity for me to extend to you a very warm welcome to our website.

Westminster Christian school was founded to provide education for children of Christian families, using a Christ-centred curriculum. As the Principal of the school I lead a team of talented and dedicated staff who are supported by committed Boards of Trustees and Proprietors.

My goal is to motivate children to achieve excellence in all aspects of their development. Our primary academic emphasis is on numeracy and literacy.

Westminster management and staff aim to create a unique and enriching environment for all children, enabling them to reach their potential and preparing them to use their God given talents in a responsible way.

It is my privilege to serve the families of the Westminster community. I welcome your interest and support in helping us to maintain Westminster Christian School as a centre of excellence.


Mr. D.K. Wilson Dip Tch (Uni), Dip Theo.